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What is New Kindness?How will New Kindness be funded?How much of the money goes to administration?Is New Kindness a “Pay It Forward” concept?What does the “flying pig” represent?How will New Kindness establish the exchange of meaning and goodwill between Donor and Recipient?How can I help?Do I have to spend a lot of time if I volunteer?Are you looking for only financial donations?What type of products are you looking for Donors to make?Can I suggest names of people that might be able to make products or teach workshops?Can I suggest organizations that New Kindness might donate goods and services to?Do you have to be a senior to become a Donor or Recipient?Do you have to be of a particular faith to become a Donor or Recipient?Why would people volunteer, donate money or be on the Board?Can I donate used items?Can I donate new, purchased items?What organizations has New Kindness made donations to?How can I stay in touch with New Kindness?

What is New Kindness?
New Kindness is a registered Canadian charity that hopes to give people a purpose by providing them with the means to make items (e.g. hats, soaps, blankets, toys, etc.) that can then be gifted to someone in need. For example, New Kindness would provide/pay for raw materials for a group of people at a seniors home to make soaps, blankets, scarves, etc. New Kindness would then package these and gift them to a shelter. The real desire is to give purpose to people that seem not to have it e.g. an elderly person who lives alone, someone who has lost a wife/husband, a group of women in a shelter, a senior in a home… Their purpose would come from doing something that would help someone else. The organization provides the money for the raw materials, provides the teaching e.g. how to make soaps, and packages and delivers the gifts to someone in need.

The long term vision is for everyone who received a gift, (e.g. the person in need who got something from someone else) to also gain a purpose for themselves by making something to gift to another. With time, we can create a truly unique “give back” cycle… create a New Kindness.

How will New Kindness be funded?
Initially, New Kindness will be funded by private donors, and to that end there are already some benefactors. One hundred percent of the proceeds from ticket sales and the silent auction at our annual December 1st event will go directly to assisting Donors and Recipients, with none going to administration. After it is up and running, New Kindness may look for government support, but that is not the initial goal.

How much of the money goes to administration?
No money goes to administration at this point. All start-up time and costs have been donated. Our commitment is that no more than 10% of any funds raised will go to sustaining the organization (e.g. office supplies, communication and marketing costs). No money will go to any paid positions. All time/effort is donated by individuals. Money raised will go to assist Donors with supplies or to deliver workshops for Recipients. At special events, 100% of funds raised will go directly into creating purpose and providing purpose. We will raise funds for administration openly and separately from other events.

Is New Kindness a “Pay It Forward” concept?
While this might seem to be similar, it is somewhat different. The ‘Pay It Forward’ Foundation and concept focuses on doing good works for others, to repay the good that has happened to you. New Kindness is focused on ultimately giving people, who might not otherwise have one, a purpose. That purpose comes in the form of making and gifting to others that are in need. Seniors, retired individuals, or those that believe that there are things that they do that others might appreciate, will make things that will go to those in need (using raw materials provided by New Kindness). In turn, those that receive may be motivated to make similar items, or other items that others might appreciate (with training and raw materials funded by our organization). The concept behind New Kindness is therefore more a circular approach than a linear approach.

What does the “flying pig” represent?
At New Kindness, the Flying Pig is a symbol of strong determination and good fortune that enables people to overcome impossible odds. Some have interpreted the saying “when pigs can fly” as a negative, meaning the impossible cannot happen. New Kindness believes it can happen. The Flying Pig is a mascot, for anyone associated with New Kindness, to help them remember that we can achieve the impossible, achieve greatness and bring purpose to all people. The Flying Pig does not represent what New Kindness will do; it represents our philosophy and vision of the future.

How will New Kindness establish the exchange of meaning and goodwill between Donor and Recipient?
We feel it is important that meaning is established between the Donor and Recipient where desired. If both parties agree, New Kindness will facilitate this either through exchange of emails, letters, video conferencing, chat room or even in person. Major success has been achieved where this type of connection is made in other charity work. Often, the Recipient wants to meet the person who was so kind and the Donor welcomes an ability to experience what they contributed directly. If this is not desired and either the Donor or Recipient want to remain anonymous, their names will be kept strictly confidential. An outcome we are striving for is to enable Donors to teach Recipients their own skill set so that Recipients can become Donors for others.

How can I help?
We are asking for your support through participation in one or more of the following ways:
Make a monetary donation
Sign up to volunteer (to deliver gifts, call for donations etc)
Sign up to become a Donor (to make something special for a Recipient)
Sign up to help identify Recipients

Do I have to spend a lot of time if I volunteer?
We appreciate any time you have to give. We have tasks that take only a few hours and some that can involve a few days a month. If you become a Donor of items, you can make one item or many – it’s your choice. We will work with you to maximize your time and make it easy for you to gain purpose. If you don’t have the time or funds at this time to support us, consider helping us by spreading the word about New Kindness.

Are you looking for only financial donations?
Absolutely not! We need money to make this work, but we also need donations of time and raw materials. You could donate one day a month of your time and become a volunteer to deliver gifts to Recipients. Or you could donate tools, wood, restaurant vouchers, food vouchers, gift certificates that will be used to make items for gift baskets.

What type of products are you looking for Donors to make?
We are really looking for anything that can be provided to Recipients. However, at this time we cannot accept home made food products due to health regulations. Unless it is a business that produces or creates food; for example, a grocery store, a restaurant, or if the food was made in a commercial/health passed kitchen.

Can I suggest names of people that might be able to make products or teach workshops?
Of course, we would welcome that. We will only be successful if we have a list of people willing to make products and teach workshops. Ideally, those that make the product will teach the workshop.

Can I suggest organizations that New Kindness might donate goods and services to?
YES PLEASE. We need to know who needs us. We will keep an active list and the goal would be to provide to all on that list at various times. Not only can you suggest names of organizations, but you can even suggest an individual or family.

Do you have to be a senior to become a Donor or Recipient?
No. We welcome everyone that can help and who needs us. Children can find purpose by creating something for others as can an adult with a very successful career. In the same regard, children, adults, families, seniors all can be in need at some point in their lives.

Do you have to be of a particular faith to become a Donor or Recipient?
No. We welcome everyone and provide to everyone. This is an all denominational organization. We are not faith based.

Why would people volunteer, donate money or be on the Board?
To gain a purpose. Even if the Donor wants to remain anonymous, they still gain purpose by volunteering or donating money. Board members provide their time, support and work at making New Kindness successful.

Can I donate used items?
We appreciate you willing to donate, but we cannot accept used items.

Can I donate new, purchased items?
Yes, we will gladly accept new, purchased items for our silent auction. The majority of the time we will only gift recipients items that have been hand made.  However we can make exceptions based on individual support drives.

What organizations has New Kindness made donations to?
You can find information about what organizations we have made donations here.

How can I stay in touch with New Kindness?
The best way to stay in touch with New Kindness is through our Facebook page or by emailing us direct at info@newkindness.com

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