How To Help

You can help by:

  • Making a monetary donation
  • Donating raw materials (e.g. tools, wool, fabric, gift certificates, wood, etc.)
  • Becoming a Donor (to make special items for giving)
  • Becoming a Volunteer (to deliver gifts, make calls, help at events etc.)
  • Identify Recipients (Do you know an organization or person who can benefit from us?)

If you want to help but are not sure how, just send us a note and we can work together to figure it out.

Many charitable groups ask for monetary donations, and we also need money to make this work, but we also need donations of time and raw materials. You can donate just one day a month of your time and become a volunteer to deliver gifts or call for donations. You can also donate raw materials such as tools, wood, wool, gift certificates – all of which can be used to make items for gifting.

To see a list of organizations we have made donations to, click here.

To get involved, Donate Now to make a monetary donation, or Join Us to become a volunteer or to donate raw materials, or both to become a full supporter of New Kindness. With your help, we will overcome impossible odds and pigs will fly!

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